About UCSB's Oceanography Course, by William A. Prothero, Jr.

Course emphasis:

This course emphasizes: <poster for NSF April 2004 CCLI Conf (small)>

  • Scientific inquiry, and science process using earth data
  • Relationship of oceanography content to issues faced by society
  • Scientific argumentation
  • Content

Powerpoint presentation about the course

Presentations about EarthEd Online and its modules*
(*Note: the EarthEd software modules were extensively upgraded Fall 2004, and the presentations do not reflect the new features and interface)

On the web and with EarthEd Online, students:

  • Access earth data and data representations
  • Write science papers using EarthEd "Writer" software
  • Enter answers to homework assignments, which are auto-graded
  • Enter answers to short thought questions, which are TA graded
  • Answer quiz practice questions from a randomized database of questions
  • Post and reply in a threaded discussion area.
  • Live online chat
  • Calculate their current grade for the course

Winter 2005 results with peer review <download essay pdf>

Course Assignments and Structure:
Evaluation and learning research:


Publications (pdf downloads): <summary>

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Course web pages: Oceanography: GS-4W, Spring 2004