How to do the OnLineEarth Summit  Country Group Presentation

(See assignment schedule for due date)


To make time for the beach walk during Lab 6, your Earth Summit presentation on Oceans and Climate will be presented online using the BBS/Forum software. You will capture your data figures from the internet, upload them to your graphics storage site using the EarthEd ImageMgr, and link them to a short presentation made using BBS/Forum. This is an important assignment that will allow you to get feedback prior to your second writing assignment.


This presentation is an outline of the most important ocean and climate issues facing your country. Think of the presentation as a slide show, with each slide having a very short text discussion. Each group member should do one or two slides. Please keep the presentation very short. Two slides per group member maximum.


The first slide should include a map of your country. You can get a map from one of the Map sites. Choose a map that would allow someone to find the country on a globe. Some maps are so detailed that you can't tell where the country is located. You can link more than one figure to a "slide", but remember, this is just an outline. Write very few words. Use "bullets."


Please read the following instructions carefully. This will insure that you get full credit for your work.



  1. Read the Oceans and Global Climate writing assignment. You want to make sure that this assignment leads directly to your writing assignment, so this step will save you time in the long run.
  2. Check the BBS/Forum "Frequently Answered Questions" for any last minute helpful ideas.
  3. Check the "Lab 6 EarthSummit" BBS/Forum to see a sample presentation prepared by the prof. and look at any presentations made by other country groups..
  4. Meet with your Earth Summit country group to plan your talk (in lab section, if there is time). Decide on who will prepare what material. You should make an overall presentation outline, then divide the work into a series of "slides." Gather preliminary data on this topic from the internet. Save your images (see below) and upload them to your graphics area. Make sure you have a clear map of your country that shows where it is, regionally.
  5. Enter your presentation and link your figures. Note: After you post a "slide", you can't edit it further. If you make an error, post a "reply" to the posting with an error, and put "revised" in the topic.


Entering your presentation into the Forum:

  1. Go to Mail/BBS/Chat in EarthEd. Select the "Lab 6 EarthSummit" forum.
  2. Check the ""List by thread checkbox.
  3. To begin your talk, click on the "New Topic" button. Enter the title of your talk in the "Subject" field and enter an introduction, stating what your country is, what issues you will talk about, and a list of the names of your team members. Make a link to a map of your country.
  4. Click the "Send" button.
  5. After it sends, click again on the "Lab 6 EarthSummit" forum line (in the "My Discussion Forum List" field) to download the entry you just sent. All further postings re this talk (the "Slides") will be made by first clicking on your title message (the one you entered first), clicking "Reply", then entering your text. This is very important. It helps you keep all of your talk slides appearing together in the forum listing.
  6. Enter your subsequent slides (after the title slide) by clicking on the title slide (after checking the "List by thread" checkbox), then clicking the "Reply" button. Put the slide number in the "Subject" field. This enables the reader to read the slides in order and keep the logical flow of the presentation.
  7. You can enter as many replies as you want, but please limit the number to two per group member and be brief in your writing. Make sure your figures are clearly annotated so you can tell what's happening from them. Be sure to click on your talk title message before clicking the "Reply" button. Be sure that the author's name and perm is in the Subject heading for each reply message. This is the way that each of you can get credit for your presentation.



  1. Cutting and pasting are not enabled for the forum postings. Postings should be very brief, and this encourages brevity
  2. Link your figures the same as you did for your Plate Tectonics paper.
  3. Graphics editing: If you edit/annotate a graphic figure, be sure to upload it before linking it to the text. After you upload it, close the graphics edit panel, then re-open it. Be Careful! The system has a nasty habit of selecting all of the text in the message field. To deselect it, click the mouse in the field. If you type a character while the text is selected, the entire message will be replaced by the character you typed.
  4. When you click on a forum in the forums list, the forum text is downloaded to your hard drive. If there is any kind of error, you should re-download the forum text. If the screen seems to be locked, hold down the shift and option keys (Mac) or shift and alt (PC) and click on the screen to unlock the screen. To re-download the forum text, hold down option (Mac) or alt (PC) and click on the forum line again.
  5. To enter your own reply heading, just edit the "Subject" field. Enter the "slide" number here. Postings may not appear in order, so this helps the grader follow the presentation.
  6. To best view these presentations, click the "List by Thread" checkbox. Only the "New" topic messages will be displayed, but there will be a "+" sign at the left of all messages that have a reply. Click on the "+" sign and the replies will show. If there are replies to a reply, you can click on the "+" that will show, and see them. This groups discussion "threads" together to make it easier to keep track of the online discussions.


Accessing and uploading graphics from the web:  See the instructions at <link>