Science and Society

Many of the links in other sections also pertain to this topic. In fact, it is difficult to find a science topic that doesn't affect society in some way. The links below connect you to several sites that I think are particularly useful when exploring this topic.

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center Carbon dioxide and fossil fuel use by country
CEISIN Environmental policy and sustainability information. Great source! Center for International Earth Science Information Network (Environmental Performance Index Reports)
World Data Center for Human Interactions and the Environment A very interesting site.
World Resource Institute Loads of climate and environment information, country profiles, etc.
Pew Center for Global Climate Change An authoritative site containing the latest reports from respected climate scientists. There is also lots of good material about global warming.
EPA Global Warming Site A brief treatment of causes and consequences of global warming.
Global Warming Impacts A great site that has a clickable map of global warming impacts on the world's countries.
Bureau of Transportation Statistics This site has a wealth of data about US energy consumption. When you get to the main page, you will link to what looks like reports. Click on the "html" link by each report to see it. Example: US Highway miles travelled.
UN Population statistics Want facts and figures about over and under and mis-population? Here's the place.
WorldWatch Institute Sustainability: This organization has been called the most influential environmental organization that addresses our planet's ability to support us in the future.
Environmental Sustainability Viewer It's a relatively long download, but allows you to plot global color maps that show each country's performance for various factors related to sustainability. A MUST SEE!


ANWR webquest Analyze President's Bush's proposal to develop oil wells in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge