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Earth Summit Country Group Assignments and Presentations:

The purpose of the Earth Summit presentations is to give you a chance to broaden your perspective by collaborating with your country group, collect your thoughts, and get feedback from your peers, before you write your position paper. This is analogous to the way scientists give short talks at professional meetings prior to submitting their work, in written form, to a scientific journal. Talks at meetings allow researchers to introduce their ideas to their colleagues, hear their colleaguesŐ ideas and refine their own ideas. It is this sharing of ideas between scientists that supports the stimulating intellectual enterprise that we call "science."

You are responsible for several Earth Summit presentations. The content should be a start on your writing assignments, which you might think of as "position papers." Resource 1, in this lab manual, gives information on how to create your presentation.

The online group presentation: The lab #6 group presentation must be done online, because students will be at the beach.  Because software for this activity is changing, the specific format of this presentation will be posted on the class web site.  Check it out.

Earth Summit Writing Assignments:

The requirements for your papers are discussed in "Anatomy of a Science Paper," It is vital that you read it carefully. It focuses on the plate tectonics paper and use of data from the class CDROM, but the principles will generally apply to all of the assignments.

Preparing for the writing assignments 
Writing with Integrity Please review this <link>
Anatomy of a Science Paper This provides detailed instructions on how to write each section of your science paper(s). It is very worth you while to read it carefully. <link>
Scoring for writing assignments

This is how you will be graded. Read it carefully.<Plate Tectonics assignment scoresheet ><Oceans and Climate paper scoresheet>

Evaluating the information contained on a web site How can you trust information contained on a web site. Any doofus can put up a web page. Many web sites are produced by organizations with a political agenda. This link gives you some help in evaluating these sites. <link>
Capturing images in various situations Foolproof methods for getting images from your computer to your image library.<link>
Miscellaneous questions answered <link> for "Frequently Asked Questions"
Instructions for writing assignments
Tips for the writing assignments <link to tips>
EarthEd Writer idiosyncrasies <link to idiosyncrasies> Read this to help you work around any unexpected behavior the writer may exhibit.
Plate Tectonics Writing Assignment Instructions: <link>
Oceans and Global Climate Writing Assignment <link>
Earth Summit Online Presentation <link>