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Ocean_Climate paper. Summary of the best earth data.

New to oceanography? Here is a list of things to pay attentions to the first week

  1. Get a lab book and lecture helper from bookstore
  2. Your lab section meets the first week. Don't miss it!
  3. Click the "Getting Started" link and find important information to help you get a good start.
  4. Sign up for class listserve (required)

Honors: Thursday 3-4PM, PSB2712.

Missed the first week due to late add?

  1. Get your lab book and lecture helper at the bookstore
  2. See the prof for instructions on how to make up the first lab session.
  • TA: Steve DeOreo <email Steve>
    • Office Hrs: Tues: 1:45-2:30, Wed: 12:30-1:30, Webb 2022
  • Prof: Dr. William Prothero <email Prof>
    • Office Hrs: Tues: 2-3, Thurs: 2-3 Webb 1051
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