Course Content Outline

The Oceanography course consists of 4 themes. These are:

  1. Solid Earth and Ocean Basins
  2. Atmosphere/Ocean/Climate
  3. Waves and Beaches
  4. World Fisheries

During your reading, you are responsible for in-depth information about the listed topics for each theme. In addition, you are responsible for knowing about the country whose perspective you are representing during this course. Consider yourself a science advisor to the President (Dictator, King, whatever). It is your job to inform this person of background science and global policies that affect your country.

Other important learning goals:

  1. Learn how to access and evaluate environmental data on the web.
  2. Learn how to incorporate online data into scientific arguments.
  3. Learn how to assess the credibility of online data, information and points of view.

Finding out about your Earth Summit country:

Your first source for exploring your country is the CIA Factbook. You can find a link to it at the "Earth Data"and "Science and Society" links under "Resources," to the left. You should explore how your country compares to other countries in its environmental record. Does it contribute more or less than its share of pollution and greenhouse gases to the atmosphere? Where does it stand in its use of energy relative to the other countries? Do its industrial and commercial practices contribute positively or negatively to the global environment?